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January 3, 2024

What to Do When Rear-Ended in a Car Accident: 8 Steps to Take

Nobody wants to be in a collision, but life can be unpredictable. If you’ve been rear-ended in a car accident, there are some things you should do to get help for yourself, your vehicle, and anyone else involved. Read on to discover the leading cause of rear-end car accidents and what to do when you’re rear-ended.

What Is the Main Cause of Rear-End Crashes?

While rear-end crashes occur for various reasons, drivers failing to leave enough space between their car and the car in front of them is usually a contributing factor. That’s why the trailing driver is almost always found at least partially at fault.


Other causes of rear-end crashes include distracted driving, speeding, sudden braking, losing control of the car, failing to use turn signals, failing to yield the right of way, and aggressive driving.

8 Steps to Follow If You’re Rear-Ended

It’s important to know what to do after a car accident. Taking the proper actions will ensure everyone gets the help they need and that the vehicles are cared for. Stay calm and take these steps after a car accident:


  1. Check for injuries. Call 911 and request an ambulance if anyone needs medical attention.
  2. Call the police to report the accident. If you called 911 in step one, the dispatcher might have already alerted the police and summoned an ambulance.
  3. Take photos. Use your cell phone camera to document the positions of the vehicles.
  4. Get everyone’s information. You’ll need to record the other driver’s name, contact information, license, and insurance documentation and the name and contact information for any witnesses.
  5. When the police arrive, explain what happened without admitting fault. Follow any instructions they give you. For example, they may ask you to move your vehicle out of the roadway to allow traffic to pass.
  6. Ask for a copy of the police report. You may have to obtain it from the police station later.
  7. Contact your insurance carrier to file a claim. You can also take advantage of CARSTAR’s accident assistance by having our representatives call your insurance company.
  8. Schedule repairs. You can choose any auto repair shop you want. Don’t limit yourself to the insurance company’s recommendations.

Work with CARSTAR for Accident Assistance and Collision Repair

CARSTAR provides 24/7 accident assistance for your convenience. We’ll call your insurance company, arrange for towing, and even contact a friend or family member on your behalf. Just call 1-800-CARSTAR for assistance. We’ll help make this stressful situation proceed smoothly.
CARSTAR offers comprehensive auto body repair services to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. Our expert technicians will evaluate the damage and give you a detailed plan for collision repair. Schedule your collision repair today!

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