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June 19, 2019

Summer Driving Tips

Summer Driving

Summer Driving Tips

According to a recent AAA study, nearly 100 million Americans will embark on family vacations this year and two-thirds of all family travelers (68 percent) will embark on a summer getaway.

If you are heading to the cottage, beach or just want to take a ride, do not forget the below summer driving tips for your road trip.

  1. Tune up your vehicle. Be sure to check tire pressure, wiper blades, battery life, lights and oil levels to ensure not only the highest performance, but to keep you safe.
  2. Ensure you have plenty of rest. Always avoid driving when you are fatigued, especially in the summer months as heat and sun can make some more drowsy.
  3. Protect your passengers. Follow the directions on all car seats for your children to keep them secured in their ride. This goes for your pets too, be sure they do not roam about the vehicle.
  4. Pack your accessories. Whether it is a hat for your convertible car to protect your head from the sun, or sunglasses to enhance your vision on particularly sunny days – make sure you have the accessories you need for a safe trip.
  5. Keep your passengers busy. Assign your co-pilot the job of navigator to help you arrive at your destination undistracted and be sure you have something to occupy other passengers, whether it is games, snacks or electronic devices.

No matter where you are going on your road trip, we hope these tips will help you get there safe and sound.

Source: AAA Travel


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