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November 10, 2021

Eight Travel Tips for your Winter Trip

Women inside of the car, using navigational equipment


According to AAA’s recent estimate, 48.3M Americans are expected to travel by car this winter season. Whether you are skiing, snowboarding or just looking to get away, trips to these scenic wintery destinations are what some look forward to all year long. Traveling on winding, snowy and sometimes slippery roads can be challenging. Below are eight travel tips for your winter trip to keep you safe as you head to your local mountain for a beautiful winter getaway.

  1. Tune-Up: Top up your coolant, oil and washer fluids in advance of your trip. Check the tread on your tires to make sure they will still keep you safe – or change to your winter tires if available.
  2. Pack Properly: Aside from your board and skis, be sure you have your emergency travel kit packed and ready to go. Included should be a blanket, jumper cables, extra washer fluid, ice scraper, travel shovel, boots with grips and some spare rope for towing.
  3. Assign Roles: Weather is fickle and can quickly change in the winter months. Designate a navigator, weather updater or even DJ ahead of time so everyone knows their role if you come upon a snow squall.
  4. Sun Up: Do not leave your sunglasses at home because the glare from snow on a sunny winter day can be distracting.
  5. Drive Accordingly: Leave more room than normal for the vehicle ahead of you, reduce your speed during snowy times and accelerate gently to reduce skidding on icy conditions.
  6. Stay Connected: Make sure phones are charged, inform others of your route and let people know your approximate time of arrival.
  7. Avoid Cruise Control: If your car hydroplanes and reduces speed in the process, cruise control can automatically accelerate affecting your control on the vehicle.
  8. Pay Attention: Take extra caution when changing lanes, maneuvering around mountainous twists and give yourself extra time for upcoming exits or merges.

It is important to remember to drive safely in inclement weather and have a collision plan in place so drivers are not stranded roadside if an unfortunate accident does occur. CARSTAR offers high-quality, reliable repair services across our  35 states and 10 provinces. Call 1-800-CARSTAR in case of an accident and they can send a tow truck, contact the driver’s insurance company, arrange for a rental car and repair the vehicle.


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