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July 13, 2020

Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight

Marketing Student Spotlight

As part of a university project at the Pacific Lutheran University School of Business, CARSTAR Cornforth Campbell and CARSTAR Cornforth Campbell North were the subjects of a marketing class study. The owner of the two facilities, Kurt Johnson, participated as a judge for this marketing class project.

The brief challenged students to provide CARSTAR Cornforth Campbell and CARSTAR Cornforth Campbell North with a (1) localized branding strategy (2) consumer experience that complements branding strategy, and (3) social media branding strategy.

There were six teams of students presenting to Johnson and his colleagues via video conference. Each presentation was 10 minutes, followed by conversation, general comments and a question period. Highlights from the presentation included recommendations for local community events to raise brand awareness, fundraising events to build the emotional connection consumers may have with brands, and strategies to help build an impactful brand identity within the community.

We want to thank ALL of the teams who participated in this project, providing thoughtful recommendations to not only help Johnson and his facilities but also CARSTAR facilities across North America. With some of these initiatives already in place at other locations, it demonstrates how well these students understood the CARSTAR brand, values, identity and goals.

Special thanks to Kurt Johnson for participating and to Dr. Mark Mulder for thinking of CARSTAR Cornforth Campbell and CARSTAR Cornforth Campbell North!



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