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January 3, 2020

CARSTAR Proprietary EDGE Performance Group Set To Close Out 2019 with Continued Network Performance and Profitability

CARSTAR Proprietary EDGE Performance Group Set To Close Out 2019 with Continued Network Performance and Profitability

CARSTAR Proprietary EDGE Performance Group

The CARSTAR proprietary EDGE Performance Group (EPG) wrapped up its 2019 CARSTAR EPG meetings this fall with meetings across the country, attracting hundreds of franchise partners, store team members and vendor partners. The CARSTAR EPG program continues to drive performance improvements across the CARSTAR network through national repair processes, performance standards, and focused training on delivering those standards.

In the Corporate Zone meeting held in Charlotte, CARSTAR participants reviewed the CARSTAR chart of accounts with CARSTAR financial consultant and mentor Ann McCord. Store owners spent the rest of the day in their financial focus groups learning from their peers and discussing best practices for improving store performance and profitability. The CARSTAR Corporate Zone team provided updates for each of their departments, discussed specific zone performance, and recognized high performers. The CARSTAR EPG participants heard from the CARSTAR Analytics team about a new sales dashboard they are piloting, and had representatives from Enterprise review an exclusive, brand new report that introduces a new way to look at store and market length of rental (LOR).

For the Central Zone meeting, the CARSTAR team visited Lincoln, NE, where the owners of CARSTAR Glenn’s, Allan and Kym Hillhouse, hosted guests. The group had the chance to visit their beautiful store, see the new building addition and learn about the innovative energy saving materials they used. The CARSTAR team also shared the presentation from the Corporate Zone meeting.

In the West Zone, CARSTAR visited Seattle, WA, where everyone was able to enjoy the sites and culture of downtown Seattle after the two-day session featuring the CARSTAR EPG updates.

The East Zone meeting was held in Princeton, NJ. The owners of CARSTAR Champion Collision, Paul and Jackie Edgecomb, were hosts for the event. The group visited their newly renovated store in Hightstown, NJ, and learned about their paper use reduction system, fast-lane processes and more. The attendees also joined for the CARSTAR EPG update presentation.

“The CARSTAR EPG program continues to accelerate CARSTAR’s strong performance and helps us deliver the collision repair industry’s highest-quality vehicle repairs,” said Dean Fisher, president of CARSTAR. “Through these events, we provide hands-on, solution-focused support for CARSTAR franchise partners. This is just another tool we use to achieve industry leading levels of operational excellence as well as new levels of customer satisfaction.”

CARSTAR encourages all stores to join CARSTAR EDGE Performance Groups as a commitment to improving the performance and profitability of their business. The next EPG meeting will be held in Fort Lauderdale, FL, in January 2020, and will be include all US zones together.


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