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December 5, 2018

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Car Lovers

CARSTAR, North America’s leading provider of premier collision repairs, has a few car enthusiasts in our family. CARSTAR has put together a list of its favorite gifts this year that will bring loads of cheer to the car fanatics in your life.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Car Lovers on Your List

  1. Air freshener
  2. Cell phone holder clip
  3. Cell phone charger
  4. Windshield sun shade
  5. Roadside emergency kit
  6. Tire Gauge
  7. Tire plug kit
  8. Spill proof travel mug
  9. Gas gift card
  10. Personalized key chain
  11. Key finder
  12. Wipes for interior cleaning
  13. Driving gloves
  14. Jump starter battery pack

Looking for something a little larger? See the below list for some memorable experience gifts that the car lover in your life will not soon forget.

Experience Gifts

  1. Race Car Experience: drivers have a chance to race around a nearby track in a high-end race car. Look online for an experience gift that any race car fan would love!
  2. Maintenance Service: has your relative has been putting off their oil change? Companies like Meineke offer gift cards so you can ensure your loved one is safe in their vehicle.
  3. Road Trip: gifting a GPS will help any vacationer get to where they need to go for their upcoming road trip.
  4. Matching the Ride: find the perfect addition to their wardrobe by getting them the gear of their favourite car brand.

CARSTAR wishes everyone a happy holiday this year. It is important to remember to drive safe in inclement weather and have a collision plan in place so drivers are not stranded roadside if an unfortunate accident does occur. CARSTAR offers high quality, reliable repair service in 35 states and 10 Canadian provinces. Call 1-800-CARSTAR in case of an accident and they can send a tow truck, contact the driver’s insurance company, arrange for a rental car and repair the vehicle. For information and store locations visit

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