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January 18, 2024

How to Choose an Auto Body Shop

Being involved in any car accident can be upsetting—even if it’s a minor fender bender. But beyond the stress of the incident, you also have to figure out how to get your vehicle repaired. 

The challenge many vehicle owners encounter is finding a reputable business that performs quality repairs. Choosing a lesser shop could result in a car with substandard parts and inconsistent work.

With so many shops to consider, knowing how to choose an auto body shop is crucial. Below, we outline some key aspects to keep in mind during your search.


Top Considerations in Choosing an Auto Body Repair Shop

Consider the following factors when weighing your options to find the best auto body shop to restore your vehicle:


Before searching for how to pick a body shop after an accident, you may have considered relying on your insurance to handle the repair process. 

Most insurance companies work with specific repair shops to streamline and expedite the process. These facilities are usually vetted by the insurance company and may have established agreements and policies to prevent overcharging for your vehicle’s repairs. 

While their recommendation can be helpful, you’re not obligated to select the auto body shop they propose. You’re free to conduct your own research and obtain multiple quotes from alternative shops. 

If you find a reputable shop you’d rather work with, check with your adjuster to confirm whether your policy covers their services. Or better yet, look for an auto body shop that collaborates with various insurance companies, such as CARSTAR.

Certificates and Accreditations

Another helpful tip when choosing an auto body shop is to look at each location’s accreditations and certifications. Some repair facilities specialize in specific makes and models, so find one equipped to work on yours.

 It’s also crucial to pick an auto repair facility that uses original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts instead of aftermarket components for the best results. With the former, you’re assured of high-quality replacement parts to restore your vehicle. CARSTAR facilities are OEM- and I-CAR-certified—guaranteeing all repairs are completed to the highest standards and best practices.  


Most reputable auto repair shops offer a warranty on workmanship, which means they are confident enough to stand behind the quality of their work. Ask what the guarantee covers, as it may not be as extensive as expected. It’s better to work with a facility that provides a nationwide warranty, as this allows you to receive repairs in other locations.

Before taking your car in for repairs, verify your vehicle is still under a manufacturer’s warranty. If so, ensure the repair technician doesn’t use aftermarket or used parts, as doing so can void your coverage.  


Here’s another excellent tip on finding the best auto body shop: Look at reviews. 

Pay attention to what previous customers can say about the quality of the work and the people running the business. Honest feedback provides insight into how a repair facility deals with its clients—and the results you can expect.

Of course, most businesses deal with a few unhappy clients. If a shop you’re considering has negative reviews, look at how they resolved them. A good repair shop will take steps to fix the situation to maintain its solid reputation.  


CARSTAR Has You Covered

Now that you know how to choose an auto body shop for collision repairs, we recommend applying these tips to assess the CARSTAR facility nearest you. Millions of vehicle owners have already trusted us with top-notch restorations, helping them get back on the road safely and quickly. We’re a leading provider of auto body repairs across the United States and Canada.


Relax—we’ll take it from here. Schedule an appointment at the nearest CARSTAR today.

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