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December 22, 2023

How Do Auto Body Shops Fix Scratches?

When you find a new scratch on your car, instead of feeling frustrated, it’s time to find a reputable auto body shop to help you. If you’ve ever seen a sign at an auto body shop saying they can perform car paint scratch repairs, you may have wondered how it’s done. The process is quite simple and will leave your car looking brand new again. 


Here, we’ll explain precisely how auto body shops fix scratches and why you should give CARSTAR a try.

Shallow vs. Deep Scratches

Not all scratches are created equally. Some barely damage your car’s surface, while others scrape all the way down to the metal. There are different approaches to repairing shallow scratches and deep scratches.

Shallow Scratches

Your car will often have a scratch that only damages the surface layer of clear sealant paint rather than the paint color underneath. These are often the easiest, quickest, and most inexpensive scratches to repair.

After a quick clean, a simple polishing coat rubbed into the spot can fill and repair the scratch, making your vehicle look new again. Then, a new clear coat sealant is applied on top of the repaired scratch, and you shouldn’t even be able to tell where it was in the first place. 

Deep Scratches

While deep scratches to your car are common, it’s important to fix them quickly so they don’t get worse and cause more damage to the paint and frame of your car. You might decide to wait to fix your scratch. If you do, contaminants or small particles can enter the compromised section and damage your car’s exposed metal frame.

To protect your car, trust a professional auto body shop to fix car scratches. Experts can repair most scratches by completing these four steps:

1. Prepping the Area

First, the auto body workers will clean the area of the car with the scratch or scratches. This step is vital because dirt or gritty particles accidentally left on the car can roughen the surface of the area, causing the new paint job to look uneven. After cleaning, the technicians will buff out any bubbling or peeling bits of paint to start with a smoother surface.

2. Filling In the Scratch

Once the area is clean, the technician can use auto body filler (a thick putty specifically for car repairs) to fill in the scratch. When the putty dries, the technician can sand it down to fill the scratch and make it feel smooth.

3. Matching the Color

After the scratch is smoothed, it’s time to apply the paint. It’s often hard to match the paint color because every car manufacturer has different paint shades. However, professional auto body shops are experienced in matching the exact paint using VIN numbers, which coincide with the original paint colors. 

Once the auto body shop finds a match, they will carefully paint the repaired scratch in layers, waiting for each layer to dry to match the surrounding paint. Once the paint is completely dry, they will buff the whole area so the new and older paints match and feel seamlessly smooth.

4. Finishing Touches

When the paint is dried, your car is almost ready! As a last step, the auto body shop will apply a clear sealant coat over the spot to maintain its shine and stay protected in the future.

You may want a new top coat for your entire car in extreme cases involving many scratches. Auto body shops can easily comply and ensure the whole vehicle gets a new protective sealant coat.


CARSTAR: Your Best Option for Scratch Repairs

Your car deserves to look its best at all times. Look for a CARSTAR location when your vehicle gets scratched. We’ll perform the ideal car paint scratch repair on your vehicle and make your car look like it was never damaged in the first place. 


Don’t wait any longer. Find a CARSTAR near you!

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