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May 9, 2018

Collaborating for Common Goals

As the entire collision industry continues to consolidate, it is imperative that CARSTAR drives forward with the aggressive implementation of the CARSTAR EDGE Performance Platform. Built for continued growth, theses market conditions require networks that have supportive operational guidelines to drive their business’s high repair standards. CARSTAR is committed to working alongside its insurance partners, ensuring the delivery of maximum NPS/CSI scores, shorter length of rental, estimate accuracy and overall premier customer experience. The CARSTAR operational performance engine – EDGE – will continue to drive the goals of both CARSTAR and insurance partnerships.

CARSTAR objectives for 2018 include:

·  Same center sales of 6 percent
·  Net store growth of 95 locations
·  Full implementation of EDGE, CARSTAR’s proprietary operational platform

Each of these core initiatives, executed in conjunction with one other, will support the continued success of insurance and franchise partners, while still not losing sight on the importance of the customer experience. CARSTAR is an extension of the insurance partner, and recognizes the responsibility that comes with that role.

As the industry continues to evolve into a performance-based agreement (PBA) model, incredible opportunities will present themselves to capture additional market share. However, CARSTAR’s ability to capture that market share hinges on the focused implementation of EDGE. CARSTAR has proven the benefits of EDGE, as the tools, tips, resources and services ensure insurance sustainability, profitability and customer experience. Additionally, the franchise model supporting EDGE allows CARSTAR to react quicker, implement faster and execute at an optimal level.

CARSTAR is excited about 2018, and is grateful for its insurance partnerships. Collaboration and partner feedback along with the outstanding network of stores is what catapulted CARSTAR into its role as the industry leader in premier collision repairs. Staying humble and hungry are the keys to success in CARSTAR’s continued pursuit for insurance and franchise partner profitability.

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