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February 02, 2015

by Anna Zeck

Understanding Your Net Promoter Score

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The way Paul Edgcomb sees it, the net promoter score (NPS) is the single most important metric in a collision repair shop.

“It’s more important than anything else. If you’re not doing a good job taking care of your customer, it doesn’t matter how much money you’re making or what else you’re doing. This is where your business comes from,” he says.

And Edgcomb should know. As the owner of Champion CARSTAR in Hightstown, N.J., his shop regularly maintains an NPS score of 96.1 percent, one of the highest in the CARSTAR network and in an industry that regularly sees scores in the 60-70 percent range.

Unlike traditional CSI scores, the NPS measures how likely a customer is to refer a business. More than that, Dan Young, senior vice president of insurance relations at CARSTAR Corporate, says that it’s a figure insurers are increasingly looking at, often times more than CSI. That’s because he says it’s a score that represents your entire repair experience.

“It is a very good gauge of the type of service you provided throughout the whole claim experience,” he says. “For someone to recommend you, the entire experience has to go above and beyond. From the moment the customer comes in your shop, your NPS clock has begun to tick.”

Understanding how to determine and maximize your NPS can help any shop improve its customer service experience and overall metrics.

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