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CARSTAR of Overland - a trustworthy auto body shop

Owners Craig and Carol Bonnarens have over 35 years of experience in the collision repair field along with 30-plus years of business experience. They're active in the Northwest Chamber of Commerce and Overland Business Association and are current members of the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers.

Recognizing the importance of quality training in the auto body repair field, the Metro St. Louis CARSTAR Group has formed a partnership with Ranken Technical College, donating $35,000 to the school’s automotive collision repair program. Two local CARSTAR stores are owned by Ranken graduates, and many shops employ Ranken interns. “Ranken has the best auto body repair program in the area,” Woodson said. “We look forward to bringing more Ranken interns, apprentices and graduates into the CARSTAR family.”

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Auto Body Services in Overland

Specialists in Auto Collision Repair near Overland

CARSTAR features state-of-the-art unibody and frame repair equipment, expert color matching, towing assistance, vehicle pick-up and delivery in service markets where applicable, a nationwide warranty for most repairs, and takes pride in offering a clean, inviting environment.
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Specialists in Paintless Dent Repair near Overland

CARSTAR offers a process called paintless dent repair, a cost-effective solution for removing small dents and dings. This is a great option for minor, unsightly damage caused by shopping carts, hail storms, or other unexpected bumps in the road. The size and location of the damage will determine if this is the appropriate technique to repair your vehicle. This is typically a two to three day repair.
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Specialists in Hail Damage Car Repair near Overland

CARSTAR is here to help when nasty storms strike! From 24/7 assistance to cost-effective paintless dent repair, we are committed to getting your car back in pre-storm condition.
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More Services at This Collision Center

Nationwide Warranty

Wherever you and your vehicle go, you can trust your vehicle repair to CARSTAR. We stand behind our work with a CARSTAR Limited Nationwide Warranty* on qualifying repairs. If you move to a new city or happen to be traveling, you are covered and if there is not a CARSTAR nearby, we will find a convenient location to honor the warranty.

*Please refer to the official CARSTAR Warranty Document (if provided by the CARSTAR location at the completion of the repair) for specific coverage and excluded items.

24/7 Accident Assistance

Whenever you need auto body repair, we are here to help. Call us toll-free at 1-800-CARSTAR to speak with our trained representatives. We are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week to offer help when you need it most. We can call your insurance company, get your vehicle towed for repairs and contact a friend or family member for you. You can relax, CARSTAR will take it from here.

Fleet Services

CARSTAR handles any size fleet from pizza delivery vehicles to a power company’s service trucks. The CARSTAR Fleet customers include: Police & Fire Departments, Cable Companies, Phone Companies, Government Vehicles (all types), Insurance Companies, Gas & Electric Companies, Car Rental Companies, Sales Company Fleet, and Corporate Fleet Programs.