0:00:00.080,0:00:02.497 Greg Solesbee, CARSTAR Hayden. 0:00:02.497,0:00:05.938 We specialize  in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) 0:00:05.938,0:00:08.141 proper car repair. 0:00:08.141,0:00:12.456 My dad actually started a collision repair business back in 1969, 0:00:12.456,0:00:16.296 and there was a moment where his business almost failed. And I asked him 0:00:16.296,0:00:19.725 what he thought, and when that next customer came in he thought "oh boy" 0:00:19.725,0:00:24.047 so how'd you treat that customer, "man I treated them like gold." 0:00:24.047,0:00:26.047 I grew up with that principle. 0:00:26.047,0:00:32.883 At CARSTAR Hayden, we look at our customers as Gold. and people that should be treated as such. 0:00:32.883,0:00:36.925 So on top of car repair and making sure 0:00:36.925,0:00:39.509 that uh the vehicle is repaired the way it should be, 0:00:39.509,0:00:43.635 we also want to make sure the customer is treated the way they should be treated. 0:00:44.844,0:00:48.011 We're CARSTAR Hayden, where correct car repair is no accident.