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I am now changing my rating to a five-star, Unbelievable As It May Sound, please read the following to find out why:

First let me say I cannot tell you how disappointed I was on my initial complaint to A Salesman at Hi-Tech, if you read my prior critique you all know that I was beyond angry.
I was beyond angry until I had an opportunity to talk to the General manager Shaun Copeland. Wow, what a guy, he fixed everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was great, he listened to my side of the story, and apologized for the Misunderstanding.....And Told Me at Hi-Tech Customers Come First.
Happy to say it was a pleasurable experience. and I honestly have to say what a joy to talk to a guy like this. If my initial encounter was with Shaun, there would not have been a problem. He is going to post a board in the facility now that has his contact information on it, so in case that a customer has a problem they can contact him personally so that he can give them the highest form of customer relations on a personal basis. And I think this is simply wonderful. I Would Recommend High-Tech Collision to anyone who needs auto work. And be assured that if you do have any problems at all you can contact Shaun, and he will handle it.

He can't be everywhere at once and that's why I did not have the opportunity to talk to him upon my first encounter. But as I have stated, as we were talking he said "I have an idea so this won't happen again. I'm going to post my contact information in the office for all to see" I would not hesitate to have more work done at the shop. They Are Tops in My Book.

Cliff G., Spanaway

Went in to have my headlight replaced, and front bumper repainted and 3M wrapped. To my surprise they repaired the rock chips in my hood, masked it and my mirrors as well! The headlight, well, it took a couple more visits. Either the ignitor or bulb was bad from BMW so its taken longer than expected. All in all, this company does it all. Motorcycles, Landscaping, and used car sales. Professional and friendly service...

From Google

Carstar Hi-Tech is a 5 star business, they not only repaired my auto in record time, but the morning I arrived they had a car waiting for me to which I was able to get to work on time, it was truly hassle free. The icing on the cake was the evenening I picked up my auto. Not only did they have the best customer service, they had individual bags of Haribo Gummie Bears. CARSTAR Hi-Tech is a custormer service company that just happens to restore automobiles. Way to go.

Sgt. Ward, Spanaway